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Out of the Courthouse and Into the Public Arena

Truth-Telling v. Loyalty Essay

“Honoring the Truth-Teller”
-by Dr. Roger W. Sapp.

Prior to 1993, I was an active duty Army Chaplain. During that season in my life, I taught leadership skills to officers and non commissioned officers in leadership retreats as a part of my ministry.  I often used management games to teach these leaders about leadership.  In one management game called “Powerplay”, a scenario is created where these leaders were arbitrarily divided into groups by virtue of winning in a trading scenario.  The winning group is then given authority over the other groups. The winning group is given the right to make the rules for future trading and to dictate these rules to the other groups. Without exception, the group that has the authority always begins to make rules to keep its authority and to benefit it as a group in trading.  Given enough time the winning group will begin to clearly abuse the other groups.  This group will justify its behavior on the basis of winning the earlier portion of the game and by virtue of having the authority. Continue reading

The Mug Grandma Law (aka Federal Hate Crimes Bill)

“Sexual Orientation” essentially means “erotic attraction”. The American Psychiatric Association’s current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders lists over twenty “sexual orientations” besides homosexuality, many of which would shock the sensibilities of most Americans. Pedophilia is one such “sexual orientation.”

Also shocking is the development that the U.S. Senate just passed a “hate crimes” bill recognizing “sexual orientation” as a category deserving of special protection. Supporters of this type of legislation hope to suppress free speech that opposes homosexuality.

The real danger of “hate-crime” laws is that they end up criminalizing thoughts and beliefs, rather than just actions. Homosexual activists would redefine any disagreement with homosexuality as “hate speech.” Laws in Canada and Sweden already state that it is a hate crime to criticize homosexual behavior. For example, a Swedish pastor was recently arrested at his church when he read verses from the Bible that call homosexuality a sin. Continue reading

"Same Sex Marriage" Debate – My Opponent’s After-Action Report

Here’s the take from my opponent when we debated “same-sex” pairings at Loyola University in New Orleans earlier this year.

click here (homosexual advocacy magazine)

Why ?

It’s been said that good questions outrank easy answers. [Paul A. Samuelson] Accordingly, consider the following:

•Why is it that the Ten Commandments are the basis of American law (e.g. false swearing) but are considered by some federal judges to be “unlawful” for display in America’s courtrooms?

•If the decisive point concerning abortion is whether it involves the killing of a human being instead the moral equivalent of an appendectomy, why don’t we ever see an abortion performed on TV so viewers can judge for themselves?

•If condoms are really effective – as some sex educators suggest – why is 1 of every 4 young Americans now infected with an incurable STD?

•Why do we continue to hear that America was not founded as a Christian nation when secular studies show that 94% of our founding source documents come either directly or indirectly from the Bible? Continue reading

Bottom Line

Perhaps there should be a court that the Court must answer to….