Are You Fed Up?

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I believe you're like us -  you’re fed up with court decisions that prohibit the Ten Commandments from being
displayed, allow the burning of the flag, mandate same-sex “marriages,” outlaw non-denominational prayers
at public graduations, take the words “under God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance, and force Shariah Law
on American citizens. I’ve had enough of the court-ordered policies which are designed to restrict Christian
principles, but allow the advancement of militant, anti-American groups.

Can anything be done to stop the decline of the courts decisions and bring God back to the
American court system? Yes, and you can be a part of the change.

We are American Judicial Alliance – your partner in the fight to push back. We may have started small, but armed with a big idea, we are growing and pushing, and making real progress.

Our mission is “Awakening the Conscience of One Nation Under God.” And we’re making our progress through the United States court system. At less than 2 years old, our method to put God back into our nation is working. By borrowing a tradition from the Supreme Court of the United States, we’ve already been able to place our special Harlan Bibles in the hands of 175 courts, so far (read more about our Harlan Bibles in the enclosed brochure). Our Bibles don’t arrive at courts in a routine and uneventful way. Instead, they arrive with respect, care and a strong message.

A group of retired judges and concerned citizens who understand both the complexities of law and the simplicity of God’s place in American history, deliver the Bible in person. We spend time with the Bible recipients:

• Reacquainting judges and citizens with timeless legal principles.

• Rekindling their recognition of God’s place in American history and the Constitution.

Of great significance – we replicate the tradition of Bible signing followed by every United States Supreme Court justice for over 100 years. The presentation of the Bible and the unique signing ceremony provide a moment of clarity which helps judges make future decisions with the Ultimate Judge in mind.

Our intent is to deliver our special Bibles – with our special message and reacquainting – to every court in the nation. That’s where we need your help, and your dollars.

A generous donation today to the American Judicial Alliance will help us visit and deliver more Bibles to courts. You’ll be helping us reacquaint judges throughout the country, reigniting their passion for the Constitution and the Christian heritage on which it was built. Your dollars will keep God in the minds of our judges as they administer justice, as well as in the minds of all who swear their oath on the Bible. Help us ignite the fire of God in our courts. Help us bring the Bible and its teachings back to the American judicial system.

Make a generous donation today.

Together we can expand the progress and build on this successful movement. May God bless you and your family!