Friends of the Court

American Judicial Alliance Member Benefits

Harlan Heritage: The AJA newsletter:

The Harlan Heritage is mailed free of charge to all current members. It informs them of current developments in the judiciary at the federal, state and local levels. This newsletter also accurately reports political issues that can affect our Constitutional Rights.

Bibles in Courts:

Your membership helps get Bibles into Courts – changing the judiciary one court at a time!

Promotes Constitutional Heritage to Young People:

Your membership helps AJA teach the Constitution to high school and college age students through the John Marshall Harlan Institute Master Statesman Program.

Friend of the Court Network:

Members and non-members alike have access to our E-Mail Network. See  for details on signing up for these free, low-volume alerts.

AJA Staff:

Your AJA Staff is available to answer questions and for speaking engagements.  Give us a call!

AJA’s Legal Defense Program:

AJA partners with the Alliance Defense Fund in order to protect Constitutional Rights.

Life Member Benefits

In addition to getting our newsletter, The Harlan Heritage, special reports, legislative action updates and all the other regular benefits of membership, Life Members will also receive a certificate — suitable for framing — identifying you as a Life Member of American Judicial Alliance.

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